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The Scottish Baking Awards returns for 2020


The much loved Scottish Baking Awards is returning on September 5th 2020 with a brand new format and great celebrity judges. 

Next year will have the following 9 categories for entrants to choose from -

1 Sugarcraft

2 Bread

3 Cake Artistry/ Novelty Cakes

4 Homebaking 

5 Vegan 

6 Speciality Baking ( Gluten/Sugar/Dairy Free)

7 Junior category

8 Patisserie

9 Chocolate

Please enter now at 

Entries close on 31st July 2020


Teaching at City of Glasgow college

Delighted to be asked to teach at City of Glasgow College today. This is a well run College in the centre of Glasgow and has produced some great talented Chefs/Patisserie Chefs and the like. The college has some very talented lecturers indeed and was proud to be a part of that today and in the future. 

Northern Ireland Celebrity Restaurants 2019

The Emerald Isle is my brief this week. 

So many Celebrity Restaurants and Hotels etc all over the world and most have never set foot in them. 

Are they worth the hype or are they seriously overpriced and overrated just because of a signature over the door.? 

I have a feeling I know the answer but we shall see. 

I personally feel that Ireland itself is a seriously underrated little Island as regards to the quality of food and the standards of Hospitality. I am a seasoned traveller and never have I returned to a country so often to be repeatedly overwhelmed by it's people,food and Hospitality. 

My question would be - Does Ireland really need the big names to impress when absolutely everywhere from small tearooms to inns to Hotels and B&Bs are already impressing? 

See my answers here or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or the Newspspers/Magazines in real time. 

The Hospitality Critic making waves

The Hospitality Critic " AKA Melanie Andrews MBE"  is making waves in Iceland and all over the world this year. With over 40 years experience in The Hospitality industry ,she pulls no punches (Quotes  The Stateman ) .


This Industry professional travels extensively all over the world and is embarking on a Canadian/American Tour in early 2019 . She has a well documentated love affair with Ireland ( Although not her home country) and proposes all sectors of the Hospitality Industry could learn much from this small but most hospitable island. 

We are hoping to shadow her movements on her next tour and we wait with baited breadth for her honest and professional opinions on all things "Hospitality"

See her short but to the point reviews on Facebook at The Hospitality Critic. 



The Great Craigard Bake-Off was an outstanding success this year, sponsored by The Scottish Baking Awards. Over 500 entries, over 5 different categories, were whittled down to 60 for the final Bake-off on the 11th November 2018 at Craigard Tearoom in Helensburgh.

The 5 different categories were as follows: 

Sugarcraft  Chocolate  Novelty Cake  Homebaking and Bread.

The 4 judges were : 

Mastercraftsman- Sean McVey from The Breadwinner bakery in Edinburgh

Masterbaker- Melanie Andrews MBE from The Scottish Baking Awards

Multi Award winning Chocolatier- Shona Sutherland  from Taystful

Multi Award winning Cake Artist- Anna Dillon  Dillons Cakes

The winners in each category were as follows:

Bread - Lily Greig

Novelty -Zuzka Miles

Sugarcraft - Sharon Morrison

Homebaking- Seema Joshi

Chocolate- Gayathri Prakash

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to our fabulous judges who gave up their spare time freely to encourage and promote Scotland's great new Bakers. Roll on 2019. 

Melanie Extended Interview on BBC Radio

The Helensburgh baker, entrepreneur and founder of the Scottish Baking Awards, Melanie Andrews MBE, tells Shereen how cakes and pastries don’t need to be the dietary bad guy; and why teaching skills to local youngsters is one of her many passions.

Melanie on radio

Canadian/American Gastronomic Tour 2019

Super excited to be announcing my Gastronomic Road trip in early 2019 now includes USA. I will be taking in Toronto ,The Canadian via rail to Regina and onwards into the Rockies ,Banf and Jasper( Possibly Vancouver ) by car. On the return journey through USA taking in Dakota, Minnesota,Wisconsin,Chicago Indiana,Ohio Pennsylvania and onwards to the Big Apple - New York. I will be critiquing every venue ,food and all  hospitality along the way as usual . I leave New York on QM2 for the transatlantic crossing back home. 

The opportunity to write reviews for major UK Newspapers and magazines including my own website as "The Hospitality Critic" is an honour. 

Melanie Andrews MBE. 


It's Official - Now an MBE

It was quite a day at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh on the 4th July 2017. I was here to meet Her majesty the Queen to recieve my MBE. The weather was typically dreich and wet but nothing on this earth could have dampened my spirit. There are very few people on this earth that i respect , admire and bow too and Her Majesty the Queen is at the top of that list by a long shot. There will never be another like this remarkable lady - Never. Honoured .